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Science Scouts

February 23, 2010
This has been going around the internet. Science Scouts. I know some bloggers have already found this, as they have left comments under certain badges. I decided to post this for two reasons. First, I didn’t want to forget about this site, as it looks like they update the badges every once in a while and I find them funny. Second, I needed a break so I quickly photoshopped together the badges whose requirements I’ve fulfilled. The background sash color is the color universities use to recognize colleges of science (golden-rod means ‘science’ I suppose).

There are some odd loop-holes though. For example, I have shocked myself (unintentionally… I got too near an electric fence that was “off” according to the land-owners anyway) so that warrants the “experienced with electrical shock” level III badge, but I haven’t accomplished levels I or II.

So visit the site, read through the comments, have a chuckle. My current favorite comment is Lyndsey’s in reference to the “has done science whilst under the influence” badge.
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