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September 4, 2008

I feel it is important to note some of the differences I have noted about UK and USA. First, and most importantly, Beer. It is very good here, but all I know about beer types doesn’t translate from English to English. First night here I tried to explain that I liked medium dark beers (and gave general examples: a Belgian Black Ale, Scottish Ale, etc.) The bar tender nodded and gave me what she thought I was getting at (she called it Lager, which it was, but I thought it could be different as my brother ordered a 7-up and the bartender gave him a “lemonade”). It looked and tasted like PBR from lines that hadn’t been cleaned. I can’t remember the name right now.

When I next tried my luck, there were more people with drinks around so I could simply point instead of describing. It turns out, what I consider to be (in my admitedly imprciese terminology) Ale (which may be synonymous with gerneral “beer” in UK) is actually considered Bitter.

Once I found out what I meant by a dark ale, or an amber ale, or any other type of ale is called “bitter” over here, things went considerably easier. Tetley’s and Worthington’s are very tasty examples of bitter, I think they are bitter anyway.

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