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September 3, 2008
Well we landed safely in London and got through customs by around 8:00 am local time (god knows when my internal clock felt it was). After getting no sleep on the airplane (for various reasons, 1. I can’t sleep sitting up, 2. I try not to sleep on transcontinental flights to help get over jet lag quickly, and 3. there were a decent selection of movies to watch ( I highly recommend the new in-flight entertainment system, it lets you choose from a wide array of movies: I watched “Smilers” (from Japan, an awesome movie: think mighty ducks meets…. a movie about a tap-dancer?) and “Slam!” (from China, a good movie about basketball) as well as most of “Iron-man”)) I looked out over a beautiful sunny summer morning outside London

When we stopped for breakfast (late night snack?) the waitress told us she hoped the weather would stay this nice for us for our visit.

We then took one of the local Motorways (M6 I think correction: M40, see comments) and it was sheer terror! Little sleep, cars zipping by (30-40 in residential areas), and the most confusing road signage ever (plus roundabouts with no dividing lines are petrifying) probably added to the sense that we were all gonna die, but we survived and made it to Telford for the first night. Along the way we got a glimpse of some local geology. Here are some Cretaceous chalks outside of Oxfordshire. Sorry for the blurriness, we were traveling with the flow of traffic (~90 mph).

We also happened to see one of the first bridges constructed using a newfangled construction material (metal). Ironbridge was made in 1779 and it is still kicking. (not geological, but my brother is an engineer so he insisted).

Well that is all for this post. Later.

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