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Off to Siccar Point!

August 27, 2008

I will be taking a respite for a short time. I am taking advantage of the fact that my dad (also a geologist) is going to two conferences in quick succession over in Europe (he asked if I wanted to go too, who am I to say no).

So, I don’t know how the posting will go over the next few weeks. If I find internet access (which I should be able to), I may be doing a post or so from the road. But I am uncertain of when they will be

The itinerary is approximately as follows:

-Visiting Nottingham for the first conference (including a visit to the BGS, I am going to try and spend some time perusing their stacks, as well as a visit to the museum).

-Heading north to Edinburgh to visit relatives (hopefully the weather will be decent enough to visit Siccar Point, with some good photos as well).

-Then a quick jaunt over to Madrid (we don’t have any specific plans yet around Madrid, but we have scheduled a day or so for exploring).

-After that, back to the real world. When all of a sudden I realize it isn’t the norm for a lowly masters candidate to go globe trekking.

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